Committee members

James Suman
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I've owned Nissans for longer than I haven't! If you have any questions relating to the club, I'm your guy.

Vice President
Stevan Sykes
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A mechanic by trade, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the club. Always happy to help, whether it's advice on your project, or anything club related.

James Westhorp
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Khyel Foy
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I manage the clubs finances, from membership and merchandise transactions to financial statements. If you have a question related to finance, I'm happy to help.

Membership Co-ordinator
George Barbara
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I manage the member list, reach out to me if you need a Membership form or anything else membership related.

Events Co-ordinator
James Overend
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Merchandise Co-ordinator
Kameron Sykes
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I handle all of the club merchandise, from membership packs to items we can sell at events. If you've got an idea for merchandise, I'd love to hear from you.

Media Co-ordinator
Mondale Quizon
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I maintain our socials, from Facebook to Instagram, I'm passionate about making our club look good and helping us grow.

Website Co-ordinator
Brendan Summerfield
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I'm an IT Systems Engineer of large-scale IT systems. My goal for the club is to bring a reliable and simple to use website for everyone that interacts with HNCR.


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