Motorkhana Motorsports

The MG Car Club Canberra (MGCCC) have run the motorkhana in Canberra since forever and have done a cracking job at it too. They have brought an amazing support team including the Virginia's Guides that keep everyone fed and watered. 

It's been on the cards of the MGCCC for a while to transition the motorkhana to another club that has young blood and are committed to the success of the motorkhana just as much as the MGCCC team has over the years. 

It's with great pride we would like to announce that Heritage Nissan Canberra Region (HNCR) are currently transitioning the task of running the motorkhana's in Canberra. As a young and relatively new club of 3 years we welcome the challenge and commitment to keeping the motorkhana alive in Canberra. 

Over the last couple of motorkhana's, the HNCR team have been getting involved and having a great time doing it. We would like to ensure the MGCCC and all its members, associates, family and friends will always be welcome both on and off the motorkhana track moving into the future. It's been an absolute blast hanging out with all of you. Even when we bring a few artificial clouds on the day. hehe :-) 

Heritage Nissan - Canberra Region
18 Main Close Chisholm ACT 2905
ACN 41 783 846 233
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