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Tyrie has always owned Datsuns. Apart from a short time playing with other Nissans (a K11 micra and a S13 silvia), he's always had a Datsun. Previously a member of ACTDAT and SEADAT, the local Datsun clubs which died a number of years ago, it made sense to join HNCR to be able to share his passion for old Nissans with other local enthusiasts.

He bought this 1971 Datsun 1600 sight unseen from Adelaide 8 years ago. It was one of the original 1990's FJ20 Turbo converted 1600s from Sydney, which had spent the previous 10 years unregistered, doing the Mt Alma hillclimb and not much else. Tyrie got it freighted over from SA by Get My Ride and got it registered again. Thankfully it came with the original engineer's certificate from the 90's!

Tyrie in his 1600 the day it arrived from Adelaide

Note: Tyrie in his 1600 the day it arrived from Adelaide

Over the next few years it did a number of hillclimbs, motorkhanas, track days, drag racing, 1000m racing and Summernats. As things broke they were replaced and upgraded, including three gearbox upgrades, diff, suspension, fuel system, turbo etc

Note: First-time Summernats entrant!

Last time Summernats entrant :D

Note: Last time Summernats entrant :D

When purchased the car made 212kw at the wheels and ran a 13 second ¼ mile. It now makes 330kw and has run a best of 10.4 seconds over the quarter mile (11.1 seconds where it counts – at Coota!). Tyrie has a few plans to improve charge cooling including an upgraded intercooler and water/methanol injection to hopefully see a 10 second timeslip at Cootamundra.

Where the magic happens

Note: Where the magic happens

Tyrie also has an unhealthy habit of buying wheels he doesn't need for the Datsun. Some would say the 15x7" Superlites it came with were fine, but they were ditched pretty quickly in favour of some 14" starsharks, which were ditched for 17" TE37s, which have recently made way for 18" SSR Professors. Who knows what will come next?

Occasionally it gets a wash

Note: Occasionally it gets a wash

The car is currently reliable and street-driven, making its way to as many local events as possible including HNCR events as well as cars and coffee and other local car shows.

Tyrie getting out for a cruise with mate as often as possible

Note: Tyrie gets out driving with mates as often as possible




Tyrie Starrs

1971 Datsun 1600

Paint Holden Formula Blue
Engine Nissan FJ20ET
Turbo Garrett GTX3071R Gen2
Head: Stock apart from valve springs, ARP studs
Camshaft: Stock
Conrods: Spool
Pistons: CP
Crank: Stock
Oil pump: Stock
Fuel System: Walbro 535
Management: Haltech Sprint 500
Cooling: N13 Pulsar Radiator, Davis Craig EWP115, Water Spray onto radiator
Exhaust: 3" Turbo back
Ignition: PRP R35 coils
Transmission Jatco 4N71B - Built and Transbraked
Converter: Not very big
Diff: R200 longnose, 3.7:1, KAAZ 2way LSD, Mark Axisa inner and outer billet stub axles, Maddat CV shafts.
Suspension Front: 180B struts, unknown shocks, lowered springs
Suspension Rear: Lowered springs, koni yellow shocks
Brakes: VT Commodore twin piston front, R31 rear
Master cylinder: Patrol 1" master
Rims: SSR Professor SP1
18x8" +21 front
18x9" +37 rear
15x7.5" +43 drag wheels
Rubber: 215/40R18 front
225/40R18 rear
235/60R15 drag radials


Glenn at ESP tuning.

Aaron at Garage76 for steering and suspension, wheel alignments.

Smitty for being consistently slower so the 1600 always looks fast by comparison.

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Featured - April 2024
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