We are selling event action shots at competitive rates that flow right back into the club to support Motorsports and CRS. All pictures are donated from a HNCR Member and are capable of being blown up to A3 without any hassles. 

Packages Pics # Cost Notes
Option 1 1 Only $15 Keeping it simple
Option 2 2-3 $25 One or many cars owned by family/friends
Option 3 4-10 $40 One or many cars owned by family/friends
Option 4 Unlimited $60 Same as options 2/3 and used by Featured Cars as a thankyou from the club

Note: Some additional framed memorabilia will be coming soon also. So, watch this space... :-)


Generally we will be taking photos of most event's however if you have a specific event you would like memories captured, please get in touch and we can confirm if a photographer will be available on the day. Reaching out will also help us place a focus on you during the event and give you a wide variety of shots to choose from.

Surprise a mate with a pic on the track they will love it!!!


The process is simple:

  • Select the package you would like
  • Select the photo's 
  • Send a website enquiry stating you would like to purchase the High-Res images Eg: ImageName1,ImageName2,ImageName3
  • Our team will get back to you with payment details
  • Take receipt of the images


Did you know?

We run a segment called "Featured Cars" where we take your car and do a writeup including a full photo shoot. The is currently only available to members and comes with an Option 4 package free of charge. Reach out to our Media Coordinator for more information. ;-)



The HNCR President showing the Web Guy how it's done. :-)

Creating father and son memories... :-P

Note: Haha you can see the mud on the side from fanging in the daddock a few weeks back.


Let's take a look at the galleries

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