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Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS)

Heritage Nissan Canberra Region (HNCR) was born in 2021 with the vision and purpose of offering access to the CRS for it's members in both ACT and NSW (Historic & Modified).

We have multiple members in both states being a part of the schemes and as a full member you are also able to place other vehicles on the CRS scheme (Conditions Apply). Eg: I have an R31 Skyline which qualifies me for "Full Membership", so I can also put my Holden Kingswood on the CRS scheme with the club. 

It is a firm requirement that you meet all the membership criteria to obtain "Full Membership" allowing you to gain access to CRS within the Heritage Nissan Canberra Region car club. 

Please see the "Related Pages - CRS Scheme" page for all the details.



HNCR is affiliated with Motorsport Australia, which means club members are able to apply for their MA licences through our club.


Trade Discounts

HNCR is affiliated with Organisations, Schemes, and Stores to benefit it's members and one of those perks is access to the clubs discount codes and store accounts. By far the best bang for buck is the discount with Supercheap Auto where we have seen discounts in the range of half the original cost and beating the comparison prices during major sales. When the staff at Supercheap Auto say "Wow that's better than staff discounts" it speaks for itself.

Others include:
- Burson
- Autobarn
- Shannons
- Etc

We can assure you HNCR is bringing the best benefits to it's members all the time with the committee continually engaging to seek out better deals.

Please see the "Related Pages - Trade Discounts" page for all the Affiliated Organisations, Schemes, and Store discounts that are on offer.



All the club details are on the memberships page so please have a read and if you need any further information please reach out.
Note: Full Membership is where all the benefits become available to members.


Featured Cars

We are in the process of kicking off a program where HNCR member's cars will have a full write-up and some professional photos taken. Some cars will have the original heritage, engine swaps, and builds to race cars so the variety will be fun.

This will be limited within the theme and vision of the club where only Nissan and Datsun cars or specifically Nissan/Datsun powered. Eg: No Kingswoods with Barra hearts...

Coming soon watch this space... 

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