Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS)


Is My Car Eligible?

The ACT/NSW Historic and Modified Schemes have been created for vehicles aged 30 years and older (based on year). Members of the Club may register any vehicle on this scheme regardless of Make, but you must be a Full Member of the Club (which requires you to own a Nissan/Datsun or Nissan/Datsun powered vehicle).


Which Scheme Do I Fit Into?

Information on the ACT/NSW CRS schemes can be found on the Council of ACT Motor Club's (CACTMC) website (


What Is The Process?

To be able to register your car with any ACT or NSW scheme, you must have your vehicle inspected by a Club Vehicle Inspector.


Current Vehicle Inspectors are:

Name Role Contact Location
Stevan Sykes Inspector (Vice-President) Tuggeranong Valley
James Suman Inspector (President) Tuggeranong Valley


The Club Vehicle Inspector will inspect your vehicle in accordance with Section 9 of the CACTMC by laws, which can be found here ( This will be an inspection NOT FOR ROADWORTHINESS, but for CRS compliance, authenticity, use and modifications, to determine which category of the scheme you fit into. Please note that the establishing and regular safety inspections are still required, depending on which state you are in.

The Club Vehicle Inspector will fill out a form noting details of your car, and any advisory concerns that may rise during the inspection. You will then take a stamped certificate along with your proof of club membership, proof of vehicle ownership and safety inspection certificate (if necessary) to Access Canberra/RMS to register your vehicle.


Can You Come And Inspect My Car?

No, the vehicle will need to be presented to the residence of either Club Vehicle Inspector. Both inspectors have lifts to facilitate proper inspection of the vehicle. This is non-negotiable, so please don't ask.


Do I Need a Logbook?

All CRS schemes require the owner of the vehicle to keep a logbook to record the vehicle's use throughout the year. In the ACT you will buy a log book from Access Canberra when you first establish registration, and it will last 5 years. In NSW, you get a new book every year.


Do Club Events Count To My Log Book?

Club events do not count to your 60-day log book in NSW; however, you MUST inform the Registrar BEFORE YOU DRIVE that you intend to drive the vehicle, and it MUST be recorded by the Registrar. If it's not recorded, you're not registered or insured. The ACT logbook has a spot for club events in the back. 


How Far/Where Can I Drive?

Anywhere you like, for any amount of distance, 60 days a year, plus Club Events when recorded with the Registrar. In ACT this is as of April 2023, in NSW this has always been the case.


Can I Do Weddings/Formals (Vehicle For Hire Or Reward)?

Please note that using a vehicle for hire or reward on CRS is illegal, without the appropriate permits and insurance. The owner of the vehicle alone is responsible for this.


Can I Keep My Plates?

The ACT schemes allow you to retain your original number plates or transfer a number plate to the vehicle, as of April 2023. In NSW you have to use their specific historic or conditional numberplates.


For futher information please refer to the Council of ACT Motor Club's Section 9 By Laws:

In addition to the above further information is also available on the Access Canberra website:

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